I'm Mermaid Elle, welcome to my website! I grew up in a place between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, commonly known as Florida. 

I have been entranced by the water ever since I can remember. Any moment I wasn't in our pool practicing dolphin kicks, I was watching "The Little Mermaid." My parents are thrilled that my career goals have remained constant since age 3.

I began my mermaid career in Orlando, Florida and it has taken me all the way to Sydney, Australia where I ran mermaiding by the sea workshops and performed at private events. Now, I'm back in the USA and ready to bring the Down Under fun to the Sunshine State! 

Feel free to get a quote for your next party, sign up for updates on mermaiding workshops near you, or drop me a line to tell me about your own underwater adventures!

Cheesin' hard in sunny Cronulla

Cheesin' hard in sunny Cronulla